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Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

                           Working to regain local control of education in Missouri.

If you search Amazon for "Common Core" you will come up with 100+ pages of books with Common Core in the title, most of which are curriculum based. What you can clearly see is the financial bonanza for authors that CC provides. Just as Gates promised, they now have 46 states worth of potential customers who may look at their book because it promises to be aligned to the one set of standards everyone is using. Prior to CC all these folks could say was "I have a great book for math that MIGHT work in your state." Buried in all those pages are some books on Common Core that we think are worth reading - from those for the neophyte who is just learning about the initiative, to ones that are information dense for those who want to know more. We know these authors and we know they've done their homework. Where good books are available but not on Amazon, we will list those too. Happy reading!

 The Common Core K-12 standards have gone from "inevitable" to "poisonous." Drilling Through The Core adds to the woes of Common Core's supporters by bringing together academic critiques from over a dozen scholars who provide an independent, comprehensive book-length treatment of this national standards initiative. The book arrives at a moment when popular support for the Common Core is declining.

"The impact of the 5 years of research in this book illustrates the power of ideas in public debates," said Jim Stergios, executive director of Pioneer Institute and author of the book's preface. "The key chapters highlight Common Core's inferior academic quality and illegal federal government overreach. Its unfunded mandates impose prohibitive costs on states and localities, even as the money is spent driving an agenda that aims for mediocrity."

This book addresses questions often asked by three main stakeholders:

  • For parents, are the Common Core standards academically rigorous?
  • For states, how much will it cost to implement?
  • For Congress, are the Common Core standards and federally funded tests legal?

"The Common Core is another in a long line of failed attempts to reform American education by wresting control away from local and state authorities," said Dr. Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars. "The Common Core beguiled both liberals and conservatives with its promise of bypassing both public debate and close examination of the details. In the end, those efforts to avoid public discussion proved to be its weakness. The scholars featured in this book over and over again reveal fatal mistakes that would never have occurred if the Common Core's proponents had trusted the American people to make their own decisions."

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In her new book, bestselling author Mercedes Schneider provides little-known details about the history of the Common Core State Standards. She lifts the veil on how the Common Core was developed, who was present in the back room, the push to copyright it so that test-makers could profit, and the urgency for governors to sign commitments before the standards were even completed. CCSS is publicized as being a state-led, teacher-developed approach guaranteed to ensure that all students are college- and career-ready. By the end of this eye-opening book, readers will come to understand the CCSS and its attendant assessments as something very different -- an education-restricting, profit-garnering opportunity packaged as an education-sounding sales pitch. Common Core Dilemma will appeal to readers across the political spectrum who want to better understand the role of corporations, nonprofits, big donors with strings attached, and the federal government in exercising control in our schools.

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Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon provides the necessary information to confront what is intended to be a wholesale transformation of the US economy and our society without any of our consent. Author and attorney Robin S. Eubanks lays out what was supposed to remain hidden until it was too late to stop the sought 'irreversible change.' She tells us: If Education is a means to an End, what is the Real Vision for Transformation? --How the reading and math wars were never about how to teach --How the new Common Core is actually not about content --Why the logical, rational mind is the real target of education reforms --Why higher ed had to be changed to push equity in credentials as the goal --What's wrong with a 21st Century Skills focus --Why the classroom objective keeps coming back to the student's values, attitudes, and beliefs. Finally, Credentialed to Destroy provides repeated proof of how education was seen by the Soviets as their favorite weapon against the West during the Cold War. This book details extensive evidence from the 80s that education became an invisible and purposeful means of restructuring the West, especially the US, away from individualism and capitalism towards a more collectivist orientation in the future. A goal that guides the actual Common Core implementation and planned economic transformation described in detail in troubling quotes that lay out a global push. A detailed rich read with lots of documentation for those willing to wade through it.

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In this book, school reformer and professor Dr. Terrence Moore carefully examines both the claims made by the architects of the Common Core and the hidden agenda behind the so-called reforms that have been adopted by over forty states in the nation, with very few people understanding what is really going on. Moore not only challenges the illiberal aims of this educational regime, but actually analyzes lessons recommended in the Common Core English Standards and in the new textbooks bearing the Common Core logo. Such a thorough review exposes the absurdity, superficiality, and political bias that can only serve to dumb down the nation's schools. Worse, the means that the Common Core uses is a deliberate undermining of the great stories of our tradition, the stories that in former times trained the minds and ennobled the souls of young people. Those stories are now under attack, and the minds and souls of the nation's children are in peril.

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From the Common Core to test-based teacher evaluation systems cropping up around the country, to the rapid expansion of semi-private charter schools, the Gates Foundation has had a huge, largely invisible influence on public education in 21st century America.

In part one, Cody describes what he calls “the assault on public education” waged by Gates and his foundation. In part two, we find Cody in direct conversation with representatives of the Gates Foundation, describing in detail the flaws in their approach, and offering constructive alternatives. Part three explores the dystopian future Gatesian reforms are bringing into our schools. In the closing section, Cody turns the tables on Gates, holding him and his foundation accountable for the impact they have had on our children and schools. In doing so, he raises disturbing questions about the growing role corporate philanthropies such as the Gates Foundation are playing in public policy, and the dangers we face when market forces are made central to our educational system.

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Math Education in the U.S.: Still Crazy After All These Years

“Hell hath no fury like a mathematician whose child has been scorned by an education system that refuses to know better,” Barry Garelick wrote in his first published article on math education in 2005. He has been at it ever since, and his focus has remained the same: why many of today’s practices for teaching math are ineffective and often destructive. This collection brings together some of his best articles on math education over the past ten years.

Garelick states: “In writing these articles, I often feel that I am explaining in detail why jumping out of an airplane without a parachute will result in death. And while I am heartened that my readers have found these articles useful, I am also disheartened when I hear the education establishment react with arguments that are tantamount to ‘Oh but if you jump out of an airplane the right way, you can survive.’ ”

Nevertheless there is a growing momentum in the U.S. against the well-intentioned but highly injurious nonsense that passes for math education. This collection of articles will assure those people who are convinced that it is being taught poorly that they are right.

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Donna Hearne has been an education activist from the beginning when Outcome Based Education first appeared to direct the lives of our children, through Goals 2000, the American Diploma Project and now Common Core. Her book is a comprehensive history of Common Core's background, which has roots that stretch more than a hundred years back. It is an expose of the latest effort by a progressive, autocratic elite to completely transfer all decisions concerning children from parents, teachers and school boards to themselves, and to completely transform America from a nation of responsible, moral, independent human beings endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to robots and servants of the state.

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